Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Goal Progress Bar Updates

After updating my net worth I went ahead and updated my progress bars on the left.

Earlier this month we paid off the remaining balance on my credit cards. We no longer are carrying a credit card balance from one month to the next. We are really excited about this because this was the debt earning us the highest interest.

For retirement we are only 18% of the way to our year end goal of $10k. After a quarter of the year has gone we are about 7% behind on this goal. Hopefully the market will turn and catch us back up in the next couple quarters. If not we will need to consider contributing to my IRA to reach this goal.

Our total debt has been reduced to just under $38k. This puts us 34% of the way to our year end goal of $30k in debt. We are well on schedule here. However this month we are taking on a mortgage. I will need to readjust this goal next month including the mortgage in our total debt calculation.

Total net worth has increased to $25,877. This puts us 66% of the way to our year end goal of $30k. When I made this goal I was not sure how much the wedding would cost us and hold us back. Now however, I am optimistic we will reach this goal within a few months and I may need to push for something higher. How much higher I have no idea.


Mama Bear said...

Hello - just wondering if you can tell me where you got your progress bars? I'd really love to put a few on my blog but am clueless as to how!!

Great blog, by the way!!!

Anonymous said...

Great work!

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