Wednesday, April 2, 2008

March Net Worth Update

March was a good month for my fiance and I. We filed my fiances taxes and recieved about $1,000 refund already from her federal and states. This money was put directly into our wedding fund as we had planned along to save all tax refunds for the wedding.

Cash was up this month because of the taxes mentioned above. We also did not have to make our payment on our wedding location this month because my fiances parents covered it. I'm hoping this will be the same case next month.

Retirement was up slightly but I feel like we contributed more then the increase shown. So this means our returns were down and ate up some of our contributions. Hopefully next month the market will turn in our favor.

Total assets increased by 3.87%

Credit cards took a giant decrease this month. This is because we made the payment to pay off all my credit card debt. The amount we still have in credit cards is for daily expenses that we pay off in full each month. A balance will no longer be carried forward on the credit cards.

All the other debts were paid down with thier usual amounts.

Total debts decreased by -3.95%.

This gives us a total net worth increase of 17.96% or almost $4,000. We have crossed over $25k for our net worth!

Next month I am afraid we must have a drop. We will be closing on our house April 18th so will be paying out money in closing costs. We also might have to make a payment on our wedding location. We are also paying for a drain for our new house backyard where there is a problem with pooling water. This money will be put into escrow by the sellers so I am not sure when we will get the money to pay for this or if it will come out of our pockets at first. Hopefully we will still be able to break even or not go down too much!

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