Monday, September 24, 2007

101 Goals

Earlier I posted that I wanted to try the 101 goals in 1001 days. Now I have come up with a list. Unfortunately I have only come up with 60 goals. I think this is fine and I will be doing great if I accomplish these goals. I don't know when 1001 days from today is, so I am using August 6, 2010 as my goal end date. I would like to accomplish this list by then. I will post a little about each goal and keep the list updated as I go along over time. The list is as follows:

1.) Emergency Fund exceeds $5,000.
2.) Retirement Funds exceed $10,000.
3.) Pay off new bike.
4.) Pay off engagement ring.
5.) Pay off credit cards.
6.) Ask Bridget to marry me.
7.) Plan and have wedding.
8.) Go on honeymoon to Europe.
9.) Purchase a house.
10.) Run a marathon under 3 hours 20 minutes.
11.) Establish a solid training plan utilizing running and biking.
12.) Compete in corporate Challenge bike race, 5k run, triathlon and duathlon.
13.) Run more road races. (Westport St. Patty’s Day, Groundhog run, Trolley Run, Hospital Hill, KC Marathon).
14.) Join a bike club.
15.) Start 8 minute abs and stick to it.
16.) Do 50 push ups a day consistently.
17.) Get house completely organized.
18.) Get files completely organized in file cabinet.
19.) Establish and stick to a new budget.
20.) Earn over $40,000 taxable income in one year.
21.) Post consistently on my blog. (At least once a week).
22.) Increase net worth over $15,000.
23.) Stay on top of car maintenance. (check tire pressure, change oil, carwash).
24.) Stay in touch with old friends.
25.) Take lots more pictures of family and friends.
26.) Visit my family more often.
27.) Save money in my Emigrant account for whatever “fun” thing I want at the time.
28.) Brush my teeth twice a day every day.
29.) Read at least one book a month.
30.) Paint bedroom and add second coat of paint to the living room.
31.) Finish H & R Block tax course.
32.) Work 2-3 years seasonally doing taxes for H&R Block.
33.) Work towards starting your own tax preparation business on the side.
34.) Go to Boston.
35.) Eat at least one fruit or vegetable a day.
36.) Don’t drink alcohol.
37.) Manage my checkbook register instead of relying on online statement from bank.
38.) Don’t purchase what I don’t really need.
39.) Don’t eat out so much.
40.) Clean the house with Bridget for at least 1 hour every weekend.
41.) Do something productive every single day.
42.) Start working from lists every week of stuff that needs done.
43.) Take Bridget out on a nice surprise dress up date at least twice a year.
44.) Keep a fitness journal up to date.
45.) Drink at least one glass of water a day at work every day.
46.) Keep my car clean inside and outside.
47.) Roll my PERA account into my IRA.
48.) Switch my IRA out of New Concepts fund at beginning of next year.
49.) Complete a century bike ride (100 miles).
50.) Save all lose change in tennis ball container. Cash in when full and put money towards emergency fund, debt repayment, or wedding planning.
51.) Form a list of birthdays and important dates of family and friends.
52.) Send out cards on birthdays and important dates to family and friends.
53.) Get a magazine subscription to Bicycle magazine and one other magazine that interests me.
54.) Take a vitamin every single day.
55.) Get two dentist checkups/cleaning every year. (March, September).
56.) Go to doctor for physical in two years. (September 2009)
57.) Only buy things on sale.
58.) Take Edgar on at least two walks outside every week.
59.) Begin to sell tickets on eBay for profits.
60.) Think of more goals for this list!

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