Friday, September 28, 2007

Updates and Updates!

I've updated my Networth IQ and it shows an increase in my net worth even though it feels like it was a bad month. My retirement account number isn't accurate because it is not including my 401k which I just started. I will update that hopefully later today or monday when I can get the correct numbers after the market closes today.

My last post I laid out some goals I want to accomplish. The goals I most want to focus on currently involve paying down my debt, increasing my emergency fund, and increasing my retirement accounts. In order to work towards these goals I am planning on working out a budget this weekend. I will continue tinkering with my budget over the next few months but hope to have it firmly established by the new year 2008. This will be just in time for a raise that I hope will be coming. I will post more later on my 3 big goals and the budget that will help me accomplish these goals.

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