Friday, January 16, 2009

Easiest Way to Save $5,475 in a Year

Alright, I don't claim to be a financial genius but I have come up with a sure fire fool proof way to save $5,475 in a single year! It's so easy that once you've set it up you just sit back and relax and a mere year later you are $5,475 richer!

So what's the trick? I'll tell you. It's so simple I'm surprised no one has ever thought of this before. First you open up an online savings account. I don't care where you do it. I use ING but other good ones are through Capital One, HSBC or Emigrant and I'm sure there are others. Once you have this account opened you need to go in and set up daily automatic transfers. Set these transfers up to occur every single day for the amount of $15. And that is it! One year later you will have saved $5,475! Actually, you'll have more with interest! It's genius!

Now go do it!

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Anonymous said...

I think your on to something here. Unfortunately I don't have $15 every single day to put into a savings account otherwise I would do this. The problem is most people living paycheck to paycheck certainly can't afford to do this. They will run out of money in thier checking account a week too early before the next check comes through. Nice idea though.