Friday, January 30, 2009

January 2009 Net Worth Update

I updated our net worth calculations today for January. I screwed up and saved over December so I had to go back and try to guess what the December numbers were. I know the November numbers and January numbers are correct. So our net worth increased by about 7%. This could be slightly off since I screwed up the December numbers but it's close. Overall we increased our net worth by about $3,000.

Assets increased slightly with contributions to our retirement accounts and the opening of our mutual fund investment account. Total assets went up about $900.

The big jump came from decreasing debts. We paid off a little over $1,000 on my car loan leaving us owing just over $4,000 more. Other debts also went down with payments to our Lowe's card and to our furniture bill. These other debts are at 0% interest so we are in no hurry to pay these off. Total Liabilities decreased about $2,163.

Good month overall. For February we will continue trying to pay off my car. Should look about the same as January.

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