Monday, October 1, 2007

Goal 2: Budget!

One of my goals is to establish a firm budget and get it right over the next few months. I don't think I'll ever be able to have it perfect, but I want it to help out so I can see where my money is going and find areas to save and spend less. This budget will hopefully help me attain my other "real" goals of saving for retirement, building an emergency fund, and becoming debt free. I won't post the details of my budget but I have worked into it my retirement savings of $300 a month and paying down $845 a month on debt. I have decided to put my emergency fund savings on hold until I have most of my debt paid off. I have about $2,200 in my emergency fund which should hold me over until I can get alot of this debt paid off and start contributing again. I also set up a "Fun" account for whatever I want. I am contributing $50 a month towards this account. I am getting ready to set up a debt snowball and will post later with the details.

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