Sunday, October 7, 2007

Looking for New Income

Part of my goal of paying down all my debts involves finding new ways to bring in more money to put towards my credit card balances and my car and other debts. This is hard to do. I am currently taking H&R Block's Tax Course and hoping that I can get hired on by them for tax season to prepare taxes. This will bring in maybe $1,000 of income more then I am used to. Another way I am trying to bring in money to pay off debt is by selling some old books, movies, and video games on Amazon. I placed 5 books on Amazon this morning and have so far sold 2 of them. This will give me about $12 after I ship them to put towards my credit cards. I guess every little bit helps! Any other ideas on how to scrounge up some more money to put towards debts? I could sure use them.

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Rob said...

Yes, a great idea if you haven't already done it is to increase all of your insurance deductibles so your premiums will go down. This can save you beaucoup...just drive more carefully and make sure the iron is unplugged when you leave etc LOL :)