Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hannah Montana and Selling Tickets through EBay

Wow! There is such a frenzy going on currently about the Hannah Montana tour and tickets selling out at every venue. You can find tickets of course still for sale on ebay and from ticket brokers but be prepared to pay one hefty price. A headline on Yahoo! shows that tickets have sold for as high as $2,565! This concert recently went on sale in my city and there was a big fuss in the paper because a lot of parents were unable to get tickets and were told it was sold out immediately when tickets were supposed to be on sale! However, by searching on the internet you can find the same sellers who have multiple tickets on sale for a much higher price then they originally sold for. This has parents mad that these ticket brokers were able to get so many tickets while the parents could not get them for thier children.

I followed this story because it is something that interests me. I had a friend in college who would by tickets to hot concerts and sell them on ebay for a nice profit. My father recently tried this out and made double his money on one entertainer that was coming through town. However, he quickly blew the money he made and then some by trying to sell tickets to less popular artists. Unfortunately for him, he missed the Hannah Montana bandwagon.

What does this have to do with personal finance and why am I writing about it? The reason I am interested in this and writing about this is because I have wanted to try my hand at buying tickets and selling them for more money on ebay. This is a personal finance blog and I feel this could be a good way of bringing in some additional income. It is all about looking for the right opportunities and knowing what artists are going to sell out and bring a high demand for thier tickets. Tommorrow, I believe I have this opportunity to give this a shot. A huge artist is coming through my city and tickets go on sale tommorrow. I am going to try to go to ticketmaster on my lunch break and pick up a couple tickets. I will then post them on ebay and see if I can make a decent profit. What if they don't sell? Well then I will take my girlfriend to a wonderful show. But I'm hoping there is someone out there that will want to go more then me and will be willing to pay me more for the tickets then I bought them. I will post more on this adventure later!

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