Thursday, January 31, 2008

January Net Worth Update!

This is my second net worth update where my fiance and I are combined so I can make some comparisons from last month. Overall our net worth increased just $192 or 0.84% to just over $23,000.

Our assets overall went down $1,852 or -3.09%. Cash went down $2,136 because we used my emergency fund to pay down credit cards. We also made a payment on our wedding hall and used some extra money in B's checking account to put towards the credit cards. Stocks went up $189 due to me owning Countrywide when they were announced to be bought out by Bank of America. I quickly sold to take a nice profit percentage wise. Retirement only went up $95. We probably contributed over $300 to retirement accounts so this number is no good.

On the debt side, we paid off $2,044 or 5.51%. Alot of this is from the cash taken from my emergency fund and B's checking to pay down the credit card. One card is completely paid off and we will now be working on the last. Other debts decreased with their normal payments.

Overall I'm happy to see our net worth increase. I know these next 4 months are going to be difficult to increase because of paying off our wedding. Hopefully the stock market turns around and helps our retirement accounts out so we can balance our savings with our outflows.

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