Wednesday, January 2, 2008

We Have Joined our Net Worth Calculations!

Yesterday my fiance (referred to from now on as BRG) and I combined our net worth calculations to come up with one number. We did this in my NetWorthIQ account so you can see in the chart that it jumped up quite a bit. This will skew the chart for a few months but we can now go on from this new joint number.


BRG had quite a bit of cash saved up which increased our cash numbers by alot. She has a very big emergency fund saved up as well as carrying a large balance in her checking account and a standard bank savings account.

BRG has about $1,000 in her 401k at work. She just started contributing to this account and our retirement numbers should grow quite a bit in the upcoming year.

We looked up BRG's car value in Kelly Blue Book to get a rough value. This amounted to just over 9k.

We added BRG's personal property of around 2k. This is the value we paid for our furniture and is likely the only thing we could sell. We did not include other personal items like clothes or her computer.


BRG has student loans from college just under 14k.

BRG has a balance on her credit cards that was added to the total but this balance is paid off in full each month.

BRG has one and half years left on her car loan. This comes in right around 4k.

Last we input the amount we owe on our furniture. We have 0% financing and owe about 1.5k.

Overall our new net worth is $22,822. Before combining our net worth I was just about 5k for December. You can see she was in substantially better shape then I was but we now are combined and look at this as ours together.

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