Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What Would You Do with Tax Refund from Stimulus Package?

Recently in the news there has been an announcement by Bush to put some energy into the economy and try to fix the current problems by giving back to the American public a one time tax refund ranging between $600-1,000. The amount is still undetermined. Yesterday I read another article discussing the fact that both Democrats and Republicans believe this stimulus package to be an imperative issue and are working hard to get one passed before Presidents Day.

What do you think? If you recieve an extra $800 in this years tax refund what would you do with it? Some will pay off debt. Some will save. Others will go buy that big screen tv they have been wanting. Some might pay off thier credit card just to charge it back up in a couple months anyways.

I personally know where my refund will be going this year. Both my fiance and I have decided to use our rebates for the wedding. So they will be going into our wedding fund for a couple months before being spent on catering, photography, invitations and whatever else we need. The rebates won't cover it all so we will also be spending more of our savings. I guess we will be doing what the government hopes. If I didn't have this upcoming wedding, this money would go towards wiping out credit card debt or the auto loan. If I wasn't in debt this money would go into savings. What would you do? Hopefully they get this passed and I can see some extra money to help out with the wedding!

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