Friday, March 7, 2008

Home Inspection

We had the inspection on the house we are considering buying on Tuesday and most everything turned up good. There was one problem with drainage in the backyard and what looked to be a little problem has turned into a very big problem. The inspector, who is a family friend, expressed to us his concern that the back yard had very poor drainage and water was and would continue to pool in the backyard making the back yard unusable and putting too much pressure on the foundation. He recommended calling a company that does drainage work to figure see if there was anything to be done to fix the problem.

So Wednesday the drainage company checked out the yard. I was not able to go because of work but the realtor went and she called and told us they thought it would be around $2,500 but were working up an estimate and would get that to her Friday. So today we got the estimate for a much larger number of $6,650.

For my fiance and I this is completely unacceptable. We are going to submit an offer for them to pay for this drainage system to be put in or we are going to drop the contract and move on to looking for a different house. Currently this is not our problem and if they are not willing to pay to have this fixed then we don't want to make it our problem. We have no pressure to move from our current location so we can keep looking and still be fine if we don't find a house for a few months. If we don't find a house in before June we will probably continue renting our current house.

This whole process has gotten frustrating. We are starting to feel like our realtor is just trying to get a sale and isn't looking for the best house for us. She makes little comments that I just don't feel comfortable with. I believe if things fall through with this house we will be looking for a different realtor as well. I'll keep you posted on what happens.

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