Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Taxes, Wedding Savings, House Appraisals and More

I haven't posted in awhile because thier hasn't really been alot going on recently. We filed my fiances taxes about a week and half ago. She will be getting refunds from federal and two states. She owes $8 to a third state which she worked in for probably 2 or 3 weeks total this past year. Anyways, we used turbotax and the federal was really easy. The state part was a bit confusing. It didn't help that we moved mid way through the year and crossed the state line. Hopefully we got it right. So she recieved her 2 state refunds via direct deposit last week and we moved that money into our wedding fund. So the wedding fund has increased a total of $750 this month with contributions! I think that's a pretty good month. When we get her federal it will also go to the wedding fund.

I got a call from the bank that is doing our mortgage this morning to let me know they got the appraisal done on the house. We are purchasing the house for 162k and they appraised it for 168k. So that sounds pretty good to me. I have heard that the bank appraisers usually go lower then what the house would be appraised for by someone you personally hired to do it. But for now we'll stick to this appraisal's value.

On the insurance front, we have decided to switch our insurances to Traveler's Insurance. After getting quotes from Nationwide, Allstate, Farmers, StateFarm, Shelter and Traveler's, Traveler's worked out to be slightly cheaper then the next closest and so we decided to go with them. We will be saving almost $600 a year in car insurance which will come close to covering the homeowners insurance. This is because we will get the discounts for having all our plans with the same company. Good news!

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