Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Paid Off Credit Card!

We did it! Yesterday afternoon I went online and paid the balance of my final credit card off. The balance was a little over $1,000. We used the proceeds that came from me selling my stock in an account that I basically am kidding myself with thinking I can make millions in. We also used some money that we had from going under budget last month! Thus, we are free from carrying a balance monthly on our credit cards.

Now we will only use my fiances credit card which we put groceries and gas only on and which we pay off in full each month.

So what to do with the money that was being budgeted towards paying down the credit card? Well, last month we budgeted $200 to be paid towards the balance of the card. In this months budget we have redirected that money to go towards saving for the wedding. With our wedding coming up in October we will need quite a bit of money to pay all the vendors the month or so before the wedding. After the wedding, the wedding savings will be redirected to emergency savings and paying down more debt (car loans).


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Congratulations!! Good planning on saving money for the upcoming wedding :-)