Monday, August 20, 2007

Bank of America!

In my last post I discussed some different securities I was thinking about putting the remainder of my money in my stock account in. I decided to put my money into Bank of America. I liked Bank of America's low P/E and the higher dividend yield offered. Bank of America was purchased for $51.20 a share. When looking at the chart for the past 2 years I noticed the stock traded typically between $55 to $80 range going up and down within that range frequently. I'm hoping the stock will turn around and head back up towards $80 soon. I look at this as a conservative play that hopefully won't be too volatile.

I also sold 2 call options for BRLC. I sold the September options with a strike of $7.50. I collected a premium of $0.25 for each of these options.

Disclosure: I own shares of BAC and BRLC. I am not a professional advisor so do your own research before purchasing any stocks.

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