Friday, August 17, 2007

Good Morning!

Well, today is officially the second day of the blog! I have added a couple new features which I am excited about. The first feature I added is counter that shows the number of visitors we've had here at Dreaming of Money. The company also sends me a weekly report showing me weekly numbers of how many visitors have stopped by. Right now, this will only be me. In the future however, I hope to see more people stopping by to read my blog. The second new feature I added was my NetworthIQ chart. This is a site where you can put in your numbers and track your net worth from month to month. The chart doesn't look right currently because I only have one month of data in. After a few months it should start taking shape hopefully in an upward slope showing the growth of my net worth. This will be a good site and good way to chart my progress towards greater net worth from month to month and see how I am doing in my quest for wealth!

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