Friday, August 31, 2007

Net Worth

I have updated my net worth on NetWorthIQ for the complete month of August. I feel this gives a better snapshot of where I am at the end of the month. Hopefully the end of September will see a higher net worth number. I would like to see my credit card debt number go down and my cash and stock numbers go up. The retirement number should start to go up because I will also start contributing to my 401k the second pay period of the upcoming month! My big concern is the credit card debt. I think I am going to put my Capital One credit card away for awhile until I can get the balance down under $2,500. In order to do this I hope I will spend less if I am not using my Capital One card. This weekend will be a spending fest though because I will be going up to Truman to visit some friends and will be eating out and drinking some beer. I will try not to spend too much.

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