Friday, August 31, 2007

Need of a Plan

I've decided that I need a plan. I have several goals and I am going to need a plan of action to put in place to achieve these goals. Therefore, over the weekend I want to figure out exactly what my goals are and figure out and begin to implement a plan for achieving these goals. This weekend I would like to come up with a rough budget to try to stick to for the month of September. I would the like to open up a couple more online savings accounts to give me a place to save for separate goals. This will involve a little bit of math to figure out what I can afford and how much I can hope to save towards each goal. I will set targets for each goal and track my progress of each goal separately. This might take me until the end of the month before I have been able to implement my plan and be heading down the path towards achievement of my goals and dreams.

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