Friday, February 29, 2008

Challenge for Myself in March

I have been reading some different blogs where the writers are challenging themselves not to eat out for lunch for a certain time period. Most of the bloggers are actually doing the same challenge. I decided that I needed to provide a challenge for myself that is similar in nature.

I have a lot of trouble spending practically all of my "fun" money every month on eating out. Whether it is lunch or any meal over the weekend, I have trouble getting myself to eat at home. I find myself wanting the convenience of getting a sandwhich somewhere like subway rather then fixing something at home. On the weekends I feel like it is something to do for entertainment instead of just eating something normal at home.

I have tried to cut back on my eating out before. This month I am going to challenge myself to not eat out the whole month if I am paying. I know I will have to eat out at least once when my group at work takes our monthly lunch together. Other then that I can push myself to make sure I save my money and don't eat out. I will be marking a calendar in my cubicle at work to make sure I keep track of my progress. I will mark the days I don't eat out with a green mark and the days I do with a red. I will try for all green.

At the end of the month I will reward myself depending on how I do. If I have any fun money leftover at the end of the month I will split this money in half. I will put half of the money into our emergency savings because I love seeing that fund go up. I will save the other half in a different account for something for myself. Something big that I want. I'm not sure what yet but possibly a Garmin Forerunner GPS watch which tells how many miles you've ran and what pace you are running. They are pretty expensive and I will have to be really disciplined if I want one. It will take a few months to reach that goal. But that can be a good reward if I can get myself to eat out less.

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asgreen said...

Good luck. That's a great goal and I'm not sure I would be able to do it. I actually have one of the Garmin forerunner watches. They are a great tool. I have an older verison and it doesn't really work in nyc (where I live now) because of all the buildings, but my bf lives in CT so we use it there all the time. It is a big purchase definitely worth saving for!