Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Consolidating our Finances

The fiance and I have decided it is time to combine our finances and work together towards common goals. Starting in January we are going to get a joint checking account where our paychecks will be deposited. We will use this one checking account to pay all of our bills from. We have decided to each keep our individual checking accounts where we will deposit a small allowance each month for each of us to do with what we please. We will continue to hold our online money market accounts for different goals. We currently have the wedding fund which is a joint account. Seperately I have two other money market funds for different goals and she has one for her emergency money. We will keep her money market fund as our emergency fund. My two funds will be for insurance bills and the second for saving for gifts, vacations, other big purchases. We will try to get all these accounts put into both of our names within the next few weeks.

We sat down this past weekend and worked out a combined budget for January. I believe the budget looks pretty good and we should be able to stick to it. We have budgeted for retirement and savings for the wedding fund. We will also be paying down our debts.

Our main goals that we decided to focus on for 2008 were saving for wedding fund, saving for retirement, paying off bad debts (and eventually all debts), saving up to $20,000 in the emergency fund, and purchasing a house. I will write more about these goals in a follow up post and how we are planning on achieving them.

Otherwise, I will be combining our net worth figures into networth IQ soon and we will look to keep increasing our net worth month after month.

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