Thursday, December 20, 2007

December is a Good Month!

I admit it, I was nervous heading into the last month of 2007. Along with December comes the big spending time of Christmas. Having a list of family members who expecting something from you for Christmas can put a damper on your budget and goal of a higher net worth. I was worried that this may be my first month since starting to keep track of my net worth back in August where I would have a decrease in net worth.

Now, I'm not so sure and definately not as worried. This month has been going great for me! I have completely paid off credit card #1. My retirement account has risen to the over 3k mark. I recieved a nice bonus at work that will go towards my fiance and my wedding plans. I made a budget for Christmas and stuck to it and actually came in under budget. I didn't buy my gifts this year with credit but instead used the cash I had been saving since October for this specific purpose.

So far the only downside I can see to this month has been my loss in the stock market. I don't have a lot invested in my individual stock account so I am not too worried about the loss. However it is dissappointing that I can't seem to make money with stocks.

December has been a good month for me! I am not sure what I am more excited about. Am I more excited for Christmas in less then a week or am I more excited for a week later when I get to update my net worth chart and see my progress? Both should be good days for me!

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