Friday, December 21, 2007

Why am I Such a Terrible Stock Investor?

I think I must be one of the worst investors in the stock market ever! I love the stock market! I read books about investing, read stories of other people turning small sums of money into large sums of money, do research into stocks and love everything about the market. However, I cannot seem to make any money in stocks.

I opened up an online stock brokerage account back in June and have lost over half the money I've invested. Luckily for me I started out with a small amount of money to begin with. I'm not sure why but it seems like every time I pick a stock to buy it plummets shortly after I buy it. This is a sad story considering how much I love the stock market and how badly I want to be a successful investor. It seems however that I would be better off just putting my money into some mutual funds and leave the individual stock picking up to the professionals.

For now, I currently own two dividend paying stocks in my account. They have gone down considerably since I bought them but I am planning on holding onto the stocks for a few years to see what happens. I don't think I'll be putting in any more money to my account for awhile until I have lots of money saved up towards all my other financial goals. Only then will I feel comfortable risking some money to "play" with in the stock market.

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