Monday, December 17, 2007

Credit Card #1 Paid Off

I have finally done it! Credit card #1 is finally paid off with a balance of $0. This weekend when going over my finances and figuring out exactly where my paycheck for the second half of the month was going I realized I had enough to bring that balance down to zero. This has been something I have been trying to accomplish for the past 3 months and finally have made it. The next target of debt reduction will be the credit card #2. This card will be a little more difficult because I am still using it for gas. I get a 5% discount for gas by using this card and don't want to lose that. Therefore I need to make sure I am paying more towards the card each month then I put on it for gas. Towards the end of the month I will post more on my goals for 2008 and this credit card #2 will definately be a part of those goals. I'll do some math but I hope to have most of it paid off in the next year.

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