Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Wonderful Christmas

This was a great Christmas for me this year. This was the first Christmas I spent with my fiance where we stayed together. We started our Christmas festivities off by going up to my hometown and going to Christmas Eve mass with my grandmother. Then the whole family got together at grandma's house for some pizza, visiting, and gifts. My fiance and I then went over to my father and stepmothers house for more gifts and then spent the night at thier house on the sofa sleeper. An uncomfortable sleep and probably not the best nights rest but it was ok. Up early in the morning to head out to my mother and stepfathers house for more gifts. We then had christmas lunch and it was off back to KC to the fiances family for christmas dinner and more gifts.

It was a busy couple days and I am exhausted. I was so excited to get to spend the entire time with my fiance. I love that she got to come experience how christmas is with me with my family and I enjoyed getting to experience christmas with her family as well.

The best part was seeing people open our gifts and seeing them happy with them. I think most people were happy with what we got them this year. I was also very pleased with what we got this year as well. We got some christmas money which we have already decided will go into our Wedding Fund to help pay for the wedding. Along with the money we recieved jointly a new nice silverware set, a digital picture frame, and season tickets to the Kansas City Royals. That last one is the one that has me most excited. Individually I got a few books, a couple cd's, a video game, dress pants for work, a paper shredder, and a sweater.

Overall it was a great Christmas spent with family and the fiance and I got quite a few things to enjoy for the next few months.

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