Friday, December 28, 2007

December 2007 Net Worth Update

Today was pay day at work and since I have no more bills going out this month I updated my net worth on NetworthIQ. I had a feeling this month was going to be a good month. I am proud to say that this was the best month I have had since starting to keep track of my net worth earlier this year. The increase in my net worth from last month is 28.22% increase. The dollar amount is a $1,171 increase. This puts my total net worth now up to $5,321. I am extremely pleased to have crossed over the 5k mark before the end of the year.

My cash went up slightly this month. My stocks took another hit losing $223. I have sold out of my big losing stock and bought into a preferred stock that will yeild over 10% in dividends for 2008. My retirement account jumped up nicely by $617 for an increase in retirement assets of 23.31%. On the debt side of the equation, my credit card debt went down $279 or almost 10%. Overall my assets increased 2.67% while liabilities decreased 3.26% giving me a huge boost to my bottom line. These numbers do not include my big bonus I recieved this month from work or the christmas money I recieved. I did not put these figures into my net worth because they are in a joint account set up for my fiance and I's upcoming wedding.

The next step for me is that the fiance and I are about to combine our finances. I will be updating my networth IQ chart again probably this weekend or on January 1st and will get a good picture of where my fiance and I will be starting out together.

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