Thursday, February 7, 2008

Be Careful with Your Free Credit Report!

About a month ago I went to and took a look at my credit report from Experian. I also had the opportunity to look at my credit score for free. The catch was that I would be signed up for CIC Triple Advantage program. The first month would be free and then it would be $14.95 each month after until you cancel. This sounded ok to me as I planned on canceling right away and not using the service.

Well, I looked through my free credit report and got my free credit score and thought nothing of it. I never received an email about the Triple Advantage program and when I went a week later to try to sign in on the Experian site, it showed that I had no account. I took this to mean I was not signed up for the program and I also didn't know who to contact to make sure to cancel it.

Fast forward to today. I took a look at my Capital One credit card and found a balance. This is the card I paid off last month so I looked to see what it was. It was a charge for CIC Triple Advantage. Now I have been charged for something that I really don't know what it is. There was a phone number listed on my credit card statement for this charge so I will be calling tonight after work to cancel the program.

However, I am worried. While looking into this on the internet, I came across a number of sites with complaints about this program. People going to look at their "free" credit reports and being signed up for this program. I am worried because while reading through these complaints, it seems that people are having trouble getting the company to actually cancel thier accounts. You can read the complaints here on the site Complaints Board.

I just wanted to make sure my credit report was free from error. Because my fiance and I are thinking of buying a house in the near future I thought I would check out my credit score. Apparently nothing is really for free.

Does anyone else check thier credit scores and reports? How do you go about getting this information and do you pay for it? Anyone else have troubles with this CIC Triple Advantage program? Let me hear your comments and suggestions!

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Chuck said...

The actual website to get your government mandated free credit report is The report here is 100% free once a year from all 3 credit agencies, though you have to pay to get you credit score. is a misleading site run by Experian that only offers you a free credit report for signing up for one of their services, which as you found out if you don't cancel in time you will be charged for.