Friday, February 15, 2008

Federal Tax Refund Recieved Today!

Well to my surprise I looked into my checking account this afternoon and had a deposit of my federal tax refund! I was expecting to get the refund next week so am happy to get it a couple days early. I already transferred the money over to my fiance and I's wedding fund. This puts our wedding fund in pretty good shape. My fiance hasn't filed her taxes yet. I think we will do that this weekend so we can know how much more we can expect the wedding fund to go up due to taxes. Other then our tax refunds, there aren't going to be any more big jumps in our wedding fund. We expect to save about another $2k between now and the wedding in the fund in our normal monthly contributions.

On another note, we got preapproved for a mortgage today by another mortgage company. This makes two different companies that have preapproved us. We are going to meet with this second company next week. Our goal is obviously to find the cheapest mortgage we can get with the lowest interest rate offered to us. Thus we are shopping around and will probably look into one or two other lenders as well.

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