Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Long Road to Financial Prosperity

The journey to financial prosperity and peace is long and sometimes seems to be an impossible task for me. I started my personal finance journey back in August when my eyes were opened up to the vast world of PF blogs and books available. I became consumed with reading everything I could about personal finance. I quickly turned to my own financial situation with a critical eye. Deciding I needed to make some changes, get out of debt, and start saving for the future, I set out on a mission. This journey is long. There are many turns and bumps on this road. Since becoming interested in personal finance and my own finances, I have had a few life changes. One is that I became engaged and now my fiance and I's finances are one. Another change which is coming up is the future purchase of our first home. This is something we are considering this sometime between now and the middle of summer. These changes throw forks in the road and a plan that was once set has to change.

However, I never really had a set plan. I never really had an exact idea of where I needed to go. I know where I have started but how will I know when I've reached the ultimate dream of having financial peace?

This week, I would like to set out to answer these questions. I want to come up with a goal number that will be my ultimate financial peace. The number where I no longer need to worry (as much) about money and work. The number where I have saved and invested enough to live off of the earnings and my work salary is no longer important. For most, this is the goal number to reach by retirement. This week I would like to try to find this number. I would like to develop a plan complete with short, medium and long term goals to achieve my ultimate goal of reaching this number and being at peace with my finances. After all, how can I ever achieve financial peace if I don't know what that is? I wouldn't start out on a road trip across the country without a map. And I shouldn't start out on my financial journey without some idea of where I ultimately want to end up.

Keep posted for some more posts about where I ultimately hope to end this journey and how I hope to get there.

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