Saturday, February 9, 2008

Will My Online Side Business Work?

Ok, so as I posted a couple days ago, Microsoft Office Live is offering free websites and webpage hosting. I took them up on their offer and designed my own webpage for a side business idea I came up with a couple months ago but failed to implement. The past couple days I have been working on the content of the webpage and getting it all set up and ready to go.

The idea is an online running coach. I have been running for the past 15 years. I have trained under two coaches and read many books. Currently I write out my own running programs for myself to follow. I had this idea to be able to write out individualized programs for other people. I set up the site so that people can choose different program options such as one month programs or marathon training programs. This is all new to me so I don't know the demand for this. There are other websites like this one and after comparing I feel my pricing is reasonable. I figure if I can just get about 20 athletes then I will be good. That is about all the time I have available anyways.

So hopefully I can experiment and direct a few people to my site that will be interested in what I have to offer. If not, then I tried and it cost me nothing. I have implemented some ads to be run on and msn search. That is where I am counting on my traffic to come from.

Will this idea take off? I don't know but it's worth a shot if it means generating just a little bit of side income. If you are interested in checking it out then go to the website at If you have any suggestions then feel free to post on here or contact me through the webpage. Thanks!


SJean said...

Is it the page that says "michigan running foundation"?? I'm confused, it doesn't seem to be the page you are describing in the link.

It seems like a good idea, but I'm no business woman. If there are other sites, you have to be better or cheaper. If there is free information out there, you have to offer a lot more.

Dreamer said...

Ouch, you are right! I accidentally entered the wrong address! What kind of entrepreneur am I! Thanks for bringing the error to my attention.

Lisa Anderson said...

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