Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Do You Have Goals for Your Blog?

Do you have goals for your blog? I'm not talking about the financial goals that I'm sure every single PF blogger has. I'm talking about personal goals for your blog writing and readership.

There can be many different types of goals you set out for yourself and your blog. Some bloggers might want thier blog to help earn them some income. Some bloggers might want to gain a growing number of readers striving to reach a certain amount of visitors in a given month. Some bloggers may strive to post more often or better quality posts.

When I started my blog I was not really concerned with any of these things. I didn't care if I had any readers and never expected to be able to make some money from blogging. I do try to make quality posts more for myself then for anyone else. The posts I make are more for my own interests and if others enjoy them then that is all the better.

Recently, I have become more and more into checking out daily how many readers I had for the day and for the month. I am finding myself striving to grow both numbers and find myself obsessed with checking the results. My numbers of visits has been growing since I started this blog back in August but the numbers are still pretty low. So far my highest number of visits in one day has been 30 and my highest in one month has been 203. This month I have broken the 203 number already with a week and a half still to go in the month. How high can I go this month? Will I reach 250? 300? I've decided I want to set goals for myself in growing this blog.

I'm not concerned with making an income from this blog. My main goal is growing the number of visitors. I think my next big goals are going to be 50 visits in one day and 400 visitors in a single month. Can I achieve this? I think so and here is how I hope to do it. I hope to write more posts and more quality posts in the upcoming months. I find the more posts I write the more visitors I have to my page. I plan on reading more of other peoples blogs and commenting on thier posts. If I become a frequent commenter, people may click and check to read my own blog. I also typically like to voice my own opinion on others blogs.

Are there any other ways to grow your readership? What do you do to try to attract more readers to your blog? I know there are some people out there who have hundreds of visitors a day. How do they bring in that traffic? Let me hear your thoughts!

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