Monday, February 18, 2008

New Way to Make Money from Blog

I didn't start this blog with the idea that I could make money off of it. I started blogging to help myself keep track of my personal finance progress towards my goals. I wanted this blog to help me be accountable for my actions. However, I have read many different blog posts by other bloggers who are making money from their own blogs and who seem to be doing pretty well. I have always wondered how they were able to do this.

Personally, I have tried to use Google Adsense to generate some income from the blog but have yet to have one single reader click on the ads seen to the right. I don't think I can hope to make any extra income from adsense.

I was looking for something different. Recently, I ran across the website called Snapbomb ( and decided this sounded like an interesting way to generate some cashflow from my blog. The idea behind Snapbomb is that you write blog posts about certain products or company services. Based on your post, you are paid a certain amount. This is a way for companies to advertise. Blogs can be read by hundreds or thousands of people a day. This blog currently is only read by a few people a day but is on it's way to becoming more popular. Companies will pay you a certain amount based on how many visitors you have to your blog to write a review which is an advertisement for the company. This blog marketing is a way for companies to get some cheap advertisement and reviews from trusted bloggers.

Will this idea for making some side money work for me? I don't know. I'm not sure how many opportunities will be relevant to this blog to write about. However, it is worth a shot if I can generate a little bit more income to help pay down my debts! Has anyone else tried using Snapbomb or a service like it? If so how has it worked out for you? Would you recommend this kind of service or is it a waste of time? I guess I will soon find out.

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BillyOceansEleven said...

I've never used the site you mentioned, but I have been used PayPerPost for a couple of months. It varies how often decent opportunities come around, but it is overall pretty easy money. The only difficulties I've had are varying disclosure rules (some posts require in post disclosure, others prohibit it entirely) and that you aren't allowed to have AdSense ads on posts you submit. If you are interested in it, I have a referral link on my site where you can make $7.50 by just signing up and reviewing one of my posts. The nice thing is there is no minimum payment - you just get paid once the 30 day waiting period for your post has passed.