Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Work and Politics

Do you talk about politics at work? With the primaries waging on as the Democrats and Republicans choose who thier final candidates for President will be, politics seems to be a hot topic. But is it ok to talk about politics at work?

Recently, my office department went out to our monthly lunch together. This is a small department consisting of 4 staff, 2 managers, and 1 director. With everyone in attendance the topic of politics came up. I avoided the conversation because I don't want beliefs or ideas to influence how any of my coworkers see me or especially one of my many bosses. I noticed the managers and director did not seem to partake in this conversation either. I just don't want my views to influence how they feel about me. People have very strong opinions on politics and if their opinions differ from mine, I don't want that to get in the way of any future promotions or raises. Thus, this conversation seemed to mostly take place between the other 3 staff workers. And even though thier opinions seem to closely mirror my own, I felt it necessary to keep my mouth shut. I have very strong political views and I will gladly talk to my coworkers about them without the presence of those in control of my future career.

What do you think? Do you talk about politics at work?


Anonymous said...

I sure don't! I agree with you, it is not appropriate. I wouldn't even probably talk with my coworkers, unless perhaps they were people I hang with outside of work.

Even then, talking politics with friends isn't that necessary.

I have strong opinions, but work just isn't the place to share them.

asgreen said...

Thank you for reading my blog! I agree also, you really shouldn't talk about politics at work. I admit though that there have been times when I do talk politics, but I am very help (at least I hope I am) only to talk about what I like in a certain candidate, not put any others down.

I work in a very liberal environment and I also wonder how people feel who don't share the "general" view. Thanks for reminding me to keep my mouth shut when politics comes out.

Stacking pennies, I have to disagree with you on talking politics with your friends though. I love to, espeically those who don't agree with me, I feel as if I learn more from these converstations then from all the news I read.

Dreamer said...

Yes, I think it is ok to talk politics with friends and I frequently do. I know they won't stop being my friend or treat me negatively by my differing views. My friends aren't my friends because of what party I favor. At work however, I don't want my bosses thinking negatively of me or my views.

asgreen said...

Dreamer, could you tell me how you added your goal bars on the right side of your blog? I would love to add this to mine but I have no idea how too. You can email me at

Thanks so much!